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Is It True You Should Schedule Tooth Extractions Around Your Menstrual Cycle?

Nobody likes having teeth pulled. However, at times it’s necessary to extract a diseased or damaged tooth before proceeding with some types of cosmetic work, such as placing a dental implant. While tooth extractions are generally safe, sometimes precautions are required to minimize the risk of complications developing. For people who have periods, that may […]

Two Ways to Improve Gum Health

Dental implants are a fairly routine procedure and enjoy an up to 98 percent success rate. However, there are several things that can cause implants to fail, and poor gum health is one of them. For example, gum disease can cause inflammation at the implant site that can lead to the disintegration of the bone […]

Bulimia’s Effects On Your Teeth: Understanding And Treating Dental Damage While Recovering From Your Eating Disorder

Eating disorders are life-threatening conditions that deserve immediate treatment by a medical and psychological professional. Although surprising for many to learn, eating disorders, such as bulimia nervosa, can also  permanently alter a person’s smile. If you are part of the 20 million women or 10 million men who suffer with an eating disorder in the […]

What Can Your Dentist Do For Too-Large Front Teeth?

Do you feel like your front teeth are too large? Feeling self-conscious about your smile can make you apprehensive about smiling or speaking in public and can really impact your self-confidence. Instead of continuing to live with your too-large front teeth, consider working with a cosmetic dentist to correct this issue. Here’s a look at […]

Shopping For An Electric Toothbrush? 3 Features You Should Look For

If you are thinking about switching from your manual toothbrush to a state-of-the-art electric version, you might be stumped when you start researching your options. Power toothbrushes boast an impressive array of features, including different bristle configurations, alerts, and even brushing patterns. However, here are three features you should look for, and why they might […]