3 Reasons To Replace Your Missing Tooth

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If you experience problems with a tooth and are forced to have it removed, you will be left with a gap in your mouth. Not only is a gap bad for the way you look, but it can also lead to other types of oral health problems. If you currently have a gap due to a missing tooth, here are three reasons you should consider replacing the tooth instead of leaving the gap in your mouth.

To improve your looks

If your gap is visible when you talk, you might be embarrassed by the way it looks. A lot of people make the decision to replace a missing tooth strictly because they do not like the way it looks. When you replace a tooth that is missing, you will end up with an artificial tooth in its place; however, artificial teeth look very real. No one will ever know that this tooth is not real. It will blend right in with your other teeth.

To prevent teeth from shifting

When a gap is present, your other teeth will naturally start to shift. If your teeth are already crooked, this might not be a huge problem. If you had braces in your life, on the other hand, your teeth might begin to shift out of place simply because they are trying to fill in the gap you have. Having a dentist fabricate an artificial tooth for you will prevent this from happening.

To prevent jawbone loss

You might not know that the strength of your jawbone relies on your teeth, and this is the third reason to consider getting the tooth replaced. Your jawbone holds your face in place, in a sense, and this bone is strengthened when you chew. When you do not have one of your teeth, the bone below the gap will start to lose bone mass within just a few months. If you leave the gap too long, your bone in this area might become very weak and brittle.

Adding an artificial tooth will keep the jawbone stimulated in this area, which means you will not lose any bone mass. Your jaw will stay strong, and this will help your face hold its shape.

Living with a gap in your mouth is not a good thing to ignore. If you are currently missing a tooth and would like to learn more about tooth replacements, contact a dentist, like Elizabeth Loseke DDS, today.