Why You Might Benefit From Braces On Just One Arch Of Your Mouth

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Braces are used as a way of shifting teeth into proper alignment, and this can help people who have crooked teeth or bites that are not normal. If you have any issues with the alignment of your teeth, you could meet with a cosmetic dentist to find out if braces would work well for fixing the problem. In most cases, braces are used on both the upper and lower arches, but there are times when some people only need braces on one arch of the mouth, and here are a few things to know about this.

Braces on just the top work well for certain conditions

For braces to be effective on the top teeth only, certain conditions need to exist. In most cases, having braces on the top only would be ideal for someone who has an underbite and crooked teeth only on the top. When braces are used when these conditions exist, they are able to not only straighten the upper teeth but also to correct the underbite by pulling the front arch forward.

Braces on just the lower arch work well for certain conditions

Braces placed only on the lower arch will only work well when certain conditions exist, too, but these conditions are different than those for upper braces only. For braces on only the lower arch to be effective, a person will need to have straight teeth on the upper arch, crooked teeth on the lower arch, and have an overbite. In this case, braces would be effective for correcting these things if they are only placed on the lower arch.

Braces on both are more common

While there are times when people need braces on just one arch, it is important to know that most people benefit more from braces on both the upper and lower arch. In some cases, there are also times when dentists will place braces on one arch first and then on the other arch later. In other words, sometimes braces work better when both arches have braces but when they have them at different times. There are times, though, when getting braces on the upper and lower arches at the same time is more beneficial.

Every person is different and has different needs and challenges. The best way to find out what type of braces you need is by visiting a cosmetic dentist in your area, and you can schedule an appointment by contacting a clinic of your choice. To learn more, contact a company such as Michael G Landy DDS.