E-Cigarette User? 3 Tips To Keep Your Mouth Healthy While Vaping

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If you use an electronic cigarette, then you need to know how vaping affects your mouth, so you can prevent the oral-health problems that it can cause. While research on how electronic cigarettes affect every aspect of your body is still limited, there are some known ways that vaping affects you mouth. Follow these tips if you love to vape and also love your teeth and oral health. 

1. Keep Dry Mouth in Check

One of the main components in electronic cigarette liquid, or e-juice, is often propylene glycol. This substance is known to be hygroscopic, which means it attracts liquid to it. That means that every time you vape an e-liquid that contains propylene glycol, the substance is sucking up the water that is in your saliva, which can lead to dry-mouth. A dry mouth is a breeding ground for cavity-causing bacteria. 

To combat dry mouth from vaping, first choose an e-liquid that contains more vegetable glycerine than propylene glycol. Most liquids contain a combination of the two, but you can even find liquid that contains only vegetable glycerine. 

Whichever liquid type you choose, be sure to drink plenty of water while you are vaping to combat dehydration. You can also use a hydrating mouth spray when your mouth seems especially dry.

2. Keep Your Mouthpiece Sanitary

There are many types of mouthpieces used with electronic cigarettes, but whichever you like to use, make sure to keep it clean and sanitary. A test performed showed a high number of bacteria and even some fungal spores on the mouthpiece of an electronic cigarette that a volunteer had been using daily. 

You should sanitize your mouthpiece at least once-a-day, although it is best to sanitize it after every use. If you use prefilled cartridges, then simply wipe the outside of the cartridge with alcohol to sanitize. If you use a tank with a removable tip, then you can remove the tip and wash it with soap and water or sanitize it with alcohol. 

If you use your electronic cigarette while out and about, then you may frequently have people asking to try your it. While you may be tempted to let them try it, remember that sharing anything put in your mouth with others is always a bad idea. If the stranger has gum disease, then he or she could pass the disease-causing bacteria to you. 

Also, store your electronic cigarette in a case when transporting it, and don't just stick it directly in your purse or pocket where many bacteria are likely present. When storing it overnight, you can either stash it in the same case or store it in an upright position, so the mouthpiece is in the air and not in contact with any germ-covered surface. 

3. Brush After Your Last Vape of the Night

While everyone should brush their teeth before going to bed, don't be tempted to take a few puffs of your electronic cigarette after brushing. You want a clean mouth when you go to sleep, and not one covered in propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, and/or nicotine. Remember that "just one puff" after brushing will leave a layer of e-liquid on your entire mouth. 

If you use an electronic cigarette, then be aware of how vaping affects your teeth and oral health. You can take steps to combat negative impacts it may have on it. It is, of course, better to not use any nicotine products at all, but if you must, then be smart about it. Make sure you inform your dentist of your electronic cigarette usage, so he or she can give you additional advice about it. For more ideas, check with professionals at places like Valley Oak Dental Group Inc.