How Cavities Can Be Treated

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A little cavity pain is not something that many people see as a major health concern. However, even if you are only dealing with a small cavity and minimal pain, you should take the problem seriously. A small cavity can easily be repaired by a dentist, but you might need to undergo more extensive treatment if the cavity gets too big. There are a few ways that a dentist might go about treating a cavity, but it depends on whether or not additional concerns are present. This article will give you more insight about cavities so you will know what to expect after moving forward with getting yours treated.

A Small Cavity Might Only Need a Filling

If you have a small cavity in your tooth, make a dentist appointment before more of the enamel decays away. Treating a small cavity is a simple task because the dentist will only have to fill it in. You will have the option of a few filling types depending on how you want it to look. For instance, if you don't want the filling to be noticeable, simply opt for a resin that is the same color as your tooth. The most affordable filling is a dark color, but it can still do the job of preventing your cavity from getting bigger.

You Might Need to Get a Crown for Your Tooth

If your cavity is on the big side, you might need more than a filling. A large cavity means that a lot of the enamel has decayed away. When the enamel is thin, it can easily break off, even with a filling in place. It is also easier for a large filling to fall out of the cavity. A dentist might have to place a dental crown on your tooth after the cavity has been filled. A crown will keep the filling in place, as well as guard the enamel against further damage.

Prepare for a Root Canal if an Abscess Is Present

When a cavity is deep, it leads to the pulp chamber being exposed to germs. The nerves and blood vessels in the chamber can then become diseased, which could also lead to a dental abscess forming. You will need a root canal if there is an abscess on your gums. The dentist will have to remove diseased pulp and drain the abscess before filling in the cavity. You should never leave an abscess in your mouth because it is full of pus that can harm your health. For more information, contact a dental clinic like Airport Road Dental Associates.