6 Tips For Preventing Bad Breath

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If you suffer from bad breath, you're not alone. Many people deal with halitosis. Whether it's due to eating garlic or having dry mouth, stink breath can be quite an embarrassing problem. However, if you are willing to make a few changes to your lifestyle, you can avoid this problem. Here are six helpful tips for preventing bad breath:

Drink Plenty of Water

One of the simplest ways to avoid bad breath is to just drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Water will help wash food particles and bacteria away that are responsible for halitosis.

Don't Forget to Clean Your Tongue

If you don't already clean your tongue, you should definitely add it to your oral hygiene routine. Bacteria and food particles can build up on your tongue during the day, which can contribute to bad breath. Every morning, remember to gently scrape a toothbrush up and down your tongue a few times.

Snack on Crunchy Fruits and Veggies

Try eating apples, carrots, or celery between meals to help fight bad breath. These crunchy fruits and vegetables can help stimulate saliva flow, helping your breath smell nice and fresh.

Take Good Care of Your Gums

If your gums are infected, the bacteria can cause your breath to stink. That's why it is important to take extra good care of your gums. Remember to floss every day and look out for signs of gum disease, like puffy or bleeding gums. If your gums do look abnormal, you should see a dentist.

Chew on Some Parsley

It turns out that parsley is so much more than a salad garnish. Parsley contains chlorophyll, which helps neutralize odors in your mouth. The next time your breath smells less than fresh, try chewing on parsley.

Limit Certain Foods

There are certain foods, like onions, horseradish, and garlic, that can cause bad breath. If you want your breath smelling fresh, it's best to limit these foods as much as possible. If you do eventually get a craving for one of these foods, at least rinse your mouth out with water afterward.

If you follow these helpful tips, you can avoid having bad breath and feel more confident again. However, if you are still dealing with chronic bad breath, make an appointment to see your dentist. He or she can determine if an underlying issue is the cause of your halitosis or not. Visit websites like http://www.apollodentalcenter.com to learn more.