Dental Care For Kids

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It's important for you to start caring for your child's teeth properly from the start. This will help to prevent them from ending up with a wide range of dental issues. Here are some of the ways you can care properly for your child's teeth:

Start cleaning their teeth as soon as they start to get them

Once you see your baby's teeth starting to come through their little gums you want to take a clean and slightly damp cloth and rub it on their teeth with your finger tucked in the cloth. You should do this after your baby eats and right before you put them down to sleep for the night.

Use fluoride toothpaste early on

As soon as your child is old enough for you to start brushing their teeth with a baby toothbrush you should use infant toothpaste with fluoride. Put a pea sized amount on the toothbrush and lightly brush their teeth and gums. The small amount of fluoride in this type of toothpaste will help strengthen your child's developing teeth. The stronger your child's teeth are, the less the chances will be of them developing cavities as they get older.

Start taking your baby to the dentist while they are very young

There are a lot of reasons why you want to start taking your baby to the dentist early on. The first reason is that an early dental visit will allow the dentist to catch certain issues early on and this means there may be something that they can do to prevent bad problems. Getting your child in to the dentist early on also gets them used to going in to the dental office so they will be less likely to develop a fear of dental appointments. Early dental appointments also offers you the perfect chance to ask the dentist questions about your child's development and what you can do to help keep their teeth as healthy as possible. Dentists like Woodbine Dental PA can help with this.

Have your child use an electric toothbrush as soon as possible

As soon as our child is old enough to brush their own teeth, you should get them started with using an electric toothbrush. It has an electronic mechanism in it that causes the bristles to move much faster than a regular toothbrush and this means more plaque will be removed from their teeth. Many kids really like to use an electric toothbrush anyway because they find them to be fun.