2 Reasons To Consider Hybrid Dentures

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Hybrid dentures are a fantastic resource to take advantage of as they can provide you with replacement teeth that are quite stable and strong. Listed below are two reasons to consider hybrid dentures to replace your missing teeth.

They Are Fixed In Place

One of the biggest reasons to consider hybrid dentures is the fact that they are completely fixed in place. The reason for this is that hybrid dentures work by having the dentist install a number of dental implants in both your upper and lower jaw. Once those implants are in place, the dentist will actually affix the dentures directly to those dental implants.

The difference between these types of hybrid dentures and snap-on dentures is the fact that you are not able to actually remove hybrid dentures the way that you can with the snap-on denture. The only individual that is able to remove your hybrid dentures is the dentist. This is actually a very big benefit because it means that you will be able to eat just about anything that you like without having to worry about the hybrid dentures being worked or popped loose since they are secured in place.

Now, the downside to this is that cleaning the hybrid dentures is a bit more difficult as you will not simply be able to remove them as you can with snap-on dentures. However, this inconvenience can be more than worth it since the trade-off is that you will not have to worry about your dentures potentially popping off or falling off as you go about your day.

They Are Much Smaller Than Traditional Dentures

Another reason to consider hybrid dentures is the fact that they are much smaller than traditional dentures. This is extremely useful as one of the hardest parts for many individuals when they get dentures is adjusting to having the dentures in their mouth, mostly due to the unfamiliar feeling of having something that large in their mouth at all times.

In some cases, individuals that are attempting to adjust to new dentures may find themselves gagging quite frequently while the dentures are in place. However, due to the smaller size of hybrid dentures, the adjustment period is much shorter and the gagging problem less common.

Speak with your dentist today in order to discuss the various benefits that hybrid dentures can provide and to determine if they are a good fit for your particular dental needs. You will want to consider hybrid dentures because they are fixed in place and are much smaller than traditional dentures. Places like Port Orange Dentist can answer more questions for you.