3 Things That Will Be Instantly Better After You Get Dental Implants

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Most people who want dental implants want them because they have bad or missing teeth. While using dental implants to fill gaps or replace ugly, rotten teeth are great reasons to get dental implants, you might be missing out on other things that will improve with implants. Many patients report that they have experienced one or more of the following improvements after getting dental implants. The same may hold true for you as well, once your implant procedure is complete.

1. Your Speech Is Clearer

People who lack front and side teeth tend to lisp or whistle when they speak. They have slight speech impediments because the teeth they need to make certain consonant sounds or diphthong sounds (two or more consonants together, such as "th" or "st"). When you finally have something in place of the missing teeth, even if the teeth are fake, your ability to speak clearly becomes apparent.

Your tongue will retrain itself to make sounds it was not able to make before. The whistling noise stops because the breathier letters of the alphabet will stop at the back of your new fake teeth. Get ready to hear a whole new speech pattern exiting your mouth.

2. Food Stays in Your Mouth Better

Missing teeth, or avoiding chewing with rotten teeth because they hurt, tends to cause another embarrassing problem. You tend to lose food out of your mouth if you try to talk and chew at the same time. Once all of your dental implants are in place, you can easily talk and chew at the same time. (Socially speaking, you probably should not chew and talk at the same time anyway, but if you are going to do it, you can at least do it without dropping food now.)

3. Oral Health Dramatically Improves

With dental implants, rotten teeth are removed. To keep gums from infection, you have to brush and gargle with medicated rinses. In both these instances, you are caring for your mouth and your remaining natural teeth much better than you did before.

Your bad breath disappears because the rotten teeth are gone. Your gums get healthier with every brushing and rinsing, which means less bleeding, less irritation, and healthy gums that can maintain both your implants and your natural teeth. If you keep this up to maintain the whiteness of your implants, your other teeth will get whiter and healthier too.