Applications That Can Help Your Teeth Look More Attractive

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The look of your smile largely impacts your overall appearance. Thus, if you would like to improve the way that you look, you may be interested in cosmetic dental procedures that can transform your teeth. 

Here are some applications that your dentist may offer to help your teeth look more attractive.

Dental Implants

A lost tooth can make a smile look less attractive. Thus, to restore the uniformity and beauty of your smile, missing teeth should be replaced.

A dental implant can be used as the foundation of a natural-looking tooth replacement. The implant is firmly positioned in the bone of the jaw, where it serves as a replacement dental root.

After a dental implant is installed to replace a lost tooth and the wound heals, the gums around the implant are contoured to ensure that the gum line around the replacement tooth appears natural. The contouring of the gingival tissues is followed by the attachment of an abutment to the implant. Subsequently, a crown is applied to cover the abutment and the implant, completing the tooth replacement. 

Invisible Aligners

Crooked teeth can also negatively affect your smile. Nevertheless, dental misalignment that are not severe may be corrected using invisible aligners. 

Invisible aligners do not straighten the teeth using brackets or archwires. Instead, the aligners are customized mouth trays that are made of transparent plastic. The trays fit discreetly over the teeth and apply pressure to move the teeth into a straight configuration. 

A treatment with invisible aligners requires the use of multiple sets of aligning trays. After a set of trays is worn for a few weeks, it is replaced with the next prescribed set to align the teeth progressively.  

Due to the transparency of the trays, they are difficult to see in the mouth when worn. Additionally, the trays are removable, so they do not hinder you from eating and cleaning your teeth normally.

Dental Bleaching

Food-based stains can cause your teeth to appear discolored. Stains that have settled on the teeth from foods and beverages can be removed using dental bleaches. 

Your dentist safely applies a dental bleach to the teeth to whiten the tooth enamel. After the application of the bleaching product, the teeth may be exposed to a special ultraviolet light that increases the effectiveness of the bleaching application. Multiple bleaching sessions may be required to fully whiten the teeth.

For more information about dental applications that can enhance your smile, schedule a consultation with a dental clinic in your local area, like Lake Pleasant Dentistry.