Teeth Whitening For Children: Potential Complications And Solutions

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Most parents don't know whether to bleach their kids' teeth or not. After all, kids do get their teeth discolored, for example, due to medication or constant use of discoloring food and drinks. Well, you can bleach your child's teeth; you just have to be aware of the potential complications and know how to deal with them:

The Potential Complications

Enamel Immaturity

The enamel may look tough, but it is not indestructible. After all, teeth enamel is a living tissue and part of the body that grows and matures with time. Since a child may have immature enamel, it may not be wise to bleach their teeth because the bleaching products are mostly formulated for mature enamel. The normal side effects associated with dental bleaching may be severe for those with immature enamel.

Difficulty Following Instructions

Another problem with dental bleaching for kids is that they may fail to follow the instructions of use. Bleaching products come with specific instructions for use such as the duration of use or the concentration to use for best results. Kids being who they are, they can easily exceed the prescribed duration or even swallow too much of the bleaching agent.

Mixed Teeth

There are also kids who have mixed teeth; baby teeth and adult teeth. Bleaching such teeth is not advisable for two main reasons; first, the baby teeth don't have to be whitened because they are temporary and will just fall off. Secondly, bleaching such mixed teeth may result in uneven whitening.

How to Deal With the Complications

The potential complications above don't mean that you can't bleach your child's teeth; you just have to be cautious about it by:

Waiting For the Recommended Age

Most dentists will advise you to wait until a child is at least 14 years old before bleaching their teeth. At this age, the child shall have lost their baby teeth and their enamel is likely as mature as it will ever be. Apart from that, a 14-year-old teenager (or older child) is more likely to follow instructions than a preteen.

Insisting on In-Office Whitening

It's also advisable to get your child's teeth whitened at the dentist's office rather than doing it at home. This is advisable for all kids, but it's particularly best for those who haven't reached the recommended age. The dentist will take the necessary precautions and see to it that the instructions are followed to the letter.

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