Bone Loss And Dental Implants: What You Should Know

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Your jawbone is an important component of your mouth, even though you cannot see it. This bone holds your teeth in place and prevents your face from sagging inwards. The problem is that you can lose bone mass in your jaw if you do not have all your teeth, as your teeth help build bone mass in your jawbone. This is one of the top reasons dentists recommend dental implants to people with missing teeth, and here are a few things to understand about this.

The role your teeth play in building bone mass in your jaw

You probably do not realize what an important role your teeth play in building the bone mass in your jaw, but this is true. Each time you use your teeth to chew food, you are encouraging stimulation of your jawbone in any area you chew with. This is the main way your jawbone stays healthier and dense, and it is something you probably never even knew or would think of. This is just one of the reasons you need teeth, but it is certainly not the only reason.

The effects a missing tooth has on your jawbone

Because of the way teeth stimulate your jawbone, living without a tooth will create a problem. When a tooth comes out, it leaves a gap, and the bone below this gap will not receive any stimulation any more. This will cause the bone mass in this particular area to start fading away. In other words, the bone will not replenish itself. Instead, it will wear away, and this process happens rather quickly.  

How a dental implant solves the problem

The good news is that you can stop your jawbone from deteriorating away by getting a dental implant. A dental implant is the closest replacement you can choose for a missing tooth. When you get one, the implant will act and function like a normal tooth, and this means that it will help stimulate growth of your jawbone and will stop this bone from deteriorating away over time.

Additionally, getting a dental implant will solve a lot of other problems too. It will help you look nicer and give you the ability to eat normally. It may also help you with your speech.

If you would like to protect your jawbone and look nicer, contact a clinic that offers dental implants to learn more about the dental implant process. Visit a site like for more help.