Why Replace A Missing Tooth With A Dental Bridge

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Are you currently missing a tooth that you want to replace? If so, you may be confused about which option will be the best tooth replacement method. While a partial denture or dental implant are a viable option, you may find that a dental bridge will work best for your situation.

Bridges Look Natural

A dental bridge will be created with porcelain, which is designed to look natural and match the color of your surrounding teeth. This is because the dentist can fine tune the color of the porcelain so that it is an exact match. Nobody will be able to tell it is a fake tooth, since it won't stick out like a sore thumb compared to the rest of your teeth.

Bridges Don't Come Out

Once a dental bridge is installed it will not go anywhere. The bridge becomes a permanent fixture of your mouth that can't be removed. There is no need to take the bridge out for cleaning like you would with a partial denture, since the bridge needs to be brushed just as if it was a natural tooth.

Bridges Prevent Teeth Shifting

One of the problems when missing a tooth is that the surrounding teeth will tend to shift to fill the gap. By having a dental bridge installed, it keeps those surround in teeth in place and helps protect them. This may be important to you if you wore braces at some point to have straight teeth, and the missing tooth is going to cause teeth to fall out of alignment.

Bridges Are Long Lasting

There is always a possibility for dental work to fail over the years, even something as simple as a filling. However, a dental bridge is one dental procedure that is long lasting. The crowns that hold the bridge in place tend to go a very long time without suffering from damage, and a dentist can often tell if a dental bridge needs to be fixed before it fails completely.

Bridges Are Installed Quickly

The procedure to have a dental bridge installs is relatively fast. It's a two part process, which involve having the area prepped and a temporary bridge installed, and then returning to the dentist a couple weeks later for the final bridge to be placed into your mouth. Each visit is quick, and doesn't require extensive time in the dentist chair like you would experience with a dental implant.

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