Why Root Canals Are A Better Option Than Implants

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Taking care of your teeth is one of the most vital routines most people do each day. Unfortunately, due to a mixture of reasons, both genetic and from your environment, sometimes your teeth can have issues that cannot be fixed with merely a good brushing or some floss. When it comes down to it you often have two options, root canals or dental implants. If you are given the option you should virtually always try to pick root canals for a variety of reasons. Here are three of the most important reasons why root canals are better than dental implants.

Natural Smile

One reason why root canals are so often preferred is that they keep your natural smile in place, without adding in veneers or other implants that are designed to look natural. This is especially important if the affected tooth is in a prominent position. While there are some cases where a dental implant is necessary, due to the severe damage of the tooth, if you get the option and want the most natural-looking smile you can get, then root canals are the only real choice you have. No one wants to have a different colored tooth that stands out like a sore thumb.


For older patients, a dental implant can be extremely taxing, both on their wallet and their body. Dental implants involve physically inserting metal screws into your jaw and fastening them down, which can cause quite a lot of bruising and pain, which is not recommended for those over a certain age. Root canals are far less invasive and you get eat with them more normally in only a few days, if not sooner. They can also last just as long when done well, or with a crown on top.


Root canals are often covered in insurance plans, while dental implants are not. That is because root canals cost far less, while providing comparable and sometimes even better results. Dental implants are therefore generally an out-of-pocket expense that needs to be covered straight away. That is another reason why dental implants are only recommended for the most serious injuries where no other solution comes close. For most people, root canals provide a just fine alternative that allows them to do everything they did before, without the hefty price tag and uncomfortable procedure. While money should never come before medical care, it should be considered when the options are so alike. Find a dentist in your area like John B Webster DDS.