Signs You Need Restorative Dentistry

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Do you need to have your oral health fully restored? There are several reasons to have a dentist do a complete restorative dentistry effort on your smile to help benefit your overall oral health as well as your physical health.

Restorative dentistry has to do with repairing damage caused by tooth decay, gum disease, injury to a tooth, genetic and oral deformities, and other conditions. If you feel you need to have some restorative dental care done on your smile, speak to a dentist right away. They may refer some or all of your restorative dentistry needs to an oral surgeon or orthodontist, or can perform some of the work you need before referring you to other sources of work.

You have severe periodontal disease

Most adults have some form of gum disease, from gingivitis in its lowest form to full-blown periodontal disease at its worst. Your need for full mouth rehabilitation may hinge on how bad your gum disease is and how far pulled back your gums are. You may need a gum transplant to transfer healthy gum tissue to the front of your mouth and protect the roots of your teeth as part of your restorative dentistry needs.

You may also need to have a deep periodontal cleaning to help restore your smile. Then your gums and tooth health will be evaluated to see what other work you might need to keep your smile healthy.

You have most of your teeth missing

Genetics, oral health and hygiene, physical issues, and accidents can cause people to lose most of their teeth. You may also lose teeth due to gum disease and age. If you have most of your teeth missing or damaged so they have to be pulled, your full mouth rehabilitation needs will have to be addressed by your dentist. Sometimes you need a full arch restoration in addition to having your teeth worked on, which can also be done while having your teeth worked on.

Your dentist will work diligently to work on your smile and help restore it to the best of their ability. You may need several appointments before you complete your full restorative dental care needs. Your dentist may work with several other dental professionals to help keep your smile strong and happy. Oral health is important and can affect your self-esteem and the way you live, so make sure to take care of your smile and keep your oral health in check at all times.

For more information, contact a restorative dentistry professional near you.